In 23 years, we have honed Floral Magic’s brand of floristry – a balance of freshness and sentimentality in both material and design.

Since Floral Magic’s inception in 2000, Lucy has learnt from renowned designers from Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and the USA. She is accredited as a Certified Floral Designer (CFD), and was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) in 2009.

Anna, Jo, and Linnette, have been under Lucy’s guidance from young, putting in hours after school, thereafter trained professionally in Singapore, London, and New York.
Alongside Elizabeth, our cumulative experience in fashion PR and marketing, events, graphic design, and F&B, has evolved the sensibilities and breadth of Floral Magic’s work.
In our 21 years, we have cultivated a clientele of endearing individuals and dynamic organizations that encompass beauty, fashion, jewelry, hospitality, banking, and beyond. Instrumental and complementary to our work is a collaboration with people of other specializations including planning, styling, photography, videography, furniture hire, etc. In entrusting us with their projects, our portfolio continues to expand.


What differentiates us is our grounding in the technical aspects of arrangement and structure making and our trained eye in achieving colour, form, and textural harmony, with the beauty and natural imperfections of flowers.

We imbue our work with these values from bouquets and arrangements for everyday appreciation, to installations purpose-built for celebrations and interiors, to hobbyist workshops and professional classes for those who would like to make magic first-hand.