Bridal Flowers

Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, car decorations, and other wearable flowers for you and your bridal party.


Take a look at our ceremony decor.

Wedding Enquiry

    What feeling or memory do you want to evoke? What colours do you want us to use? Any must-have flowers, or no-go blooms?

    Bridal bouquetBoutonnieresWrist corsagesFlower girl/ bridesmaid bouquetsBridal car decorHome decorCeremony/ solemnization/ church decorReception/ banquet decorOther

    Do you need atmospheric d├ęcor such as altar/ stage backdrop, arch, hanging installation, photo area, etc.? Do you need floral arrangements for the table? Tell us about the layout, type of tables (round/ oval/ long/ etc), etc.

    Do you have split days/ venues for your ceremony and reception? Is the set-up/ turnaround time short? Or perhaps we have all day? Do you love or hate roses?

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